At Kennies we do not charge time and material.

We have a diagnostic fee for repairs. Our experienced, factory trained, and EPA certified Service Technician will arrive and diagnose the problem. They will let you know what they find, and the price to repair the equipment.

Our vans are fully equipped with hundreds of parts and tools so we can promptly make the repair. If you choose to have the work done at that time, the diagnostic fee is waived, and the total cost is the price the Service Technician has quoted for the repairs. This means if we take longer than we plan, our customers do not have to pay extra.

Kennies has a 1-year repair warranty on all of our parts and labor and we work on all makes and models.

How to Save Money on Unnecessary Service Calls

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Let Kennies factory trained Service Technicians help you maintain your system because:

  • Equipment manufactures recommend twice a year maintenance performed by an EPA certified technician. Some manufacturers even require routine maintenance to maintain the warranty on the equipment. Kennies will not only maintain your system, but will also maintain your unit service records.
  • Most repairs are caused by lack of maintenance.
  • Having your unit serviced regularly will prevent costly repairs and assure your comfort by discovering small problems before they become larger expensive ones.
  • Having a clean machine tuned properly will extend the life expectancy of your equipment and prolong your investment.
  • A tune-up will usually save enough energy to cover the cost of having the tune-up performed.
  • We will insure safe operation of your system. Checking safety limit controls and gas leaks is imperative - this must be done annually. Cracks in heat exchangers are sometimes hard to find. That is why it is so important to have qualified technicians that know what they are looking for working on the unit. Left undetected a crack or hole in the heat exchanger can release dangerous carbon monoxide.
  • Our preventative maintenance agreement customers receive a 10% discount on service repairs.
  • We will send you a notice when its time to schedule an appointment or feel free to give us a call when you're ready. During each visit, we will perform all services listed on our seasonal checklist, and let you know if there are any potential problems.
  • You will have “Preferred Customer” status and will receive priority scheduling over non-service agreement customers.
  • Our service agreements are 100% transferable if you move within our service area.

Choose the preventative maintenance plan you prefer:

  • Kennies Comfort Club Gold Plan is a one year pre-paid agreement. The Gold Plan includes 2 services per unit.
  • Kennies Comfort Club Platinum Plan is a two year pre-paid agreement. The Platinum Plan includes 4 services per unit.

Seasonal Checks

Cooling Checklist

  • Rinse condenser coil.
  • Lubricate all accessible bearings and check bearings for wear.
  • Adjust blower components as necessary.
  • Clean condensate drain.
  • Inspect and clean air filters.
  • Check thermostat operation.
  • Check starting components.
  • Visual inspection of the duct system at equipment.
  • Check contactor for pitted or burned contacts.
  • Check all electrical connections and tighten if necessary.
  • Check temperature drop across indoor coil.
  • Check and record refrigerant pressures and check valves for leaks.
  • Check the inside evaporator coil if accessible.
  • Check fittings and valves for leaks.
  • Check disconnects and breakers.
  • Check airflow.
  • Check belts.
  • Check and record amp draws.

Heating Checklist

  • Check heat exchanger for cracks, rust or holes.
  • Clean furnace burners.
  • Check and adjust burners.
  • Check and adjust gas pressure if necessary.
  • Check fan and limit switch operation.
  • Check blower wheel and blower assembly.
  • Check return air compartment for air leaks.
  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Evaluate vent (flue) system. Check flue pipe & set dampers.
  • Check for adequate combustion air. Clean combustion air pathway.
  • Check thermostat operation and heat anticipator setting.
  • Check thermocouple or pilot safety.
  • Check duct connections at furnace.
  • Check and clean non-disposable air filters or change disposable filters. Record filter sizes.
  • Check all safety systems.
  • Oil all accessible bearings in furnace. Record all voltage and amperage draws.
  • Check ignition system.
  • Check all electrical connections and tighten if necessary.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors available at discounts during regular service.

Other Things to Consider

Heat Pumps Include

  • Check heat strips.
  • Check compressor refrigerant pressure and amperage draws.
  • Oil all accessible motors.
  • Outdoor drain pan.
  • Defrost system.

Procleaning (Additional fee)

  • Chemically clean the indoor and outdoor coils
  • Clean blower assembly
  • Wash drain pan
  • Add anti-slime treatment to drain